About us

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What is lifekeys?

Lifekeys is an online psychology service offering video consultation and theme-based seminars with certified psychologists. Ever since Lifekeys started in 2017, we have set high standards for ourselves in using innovative solutions to make it easier to get in touch with a psychologist when you need it - regardless of where you are. This is how we have established ourselves as an expert provider of online psychology services, as well as a safe and welcoming partner for organizations and companies.

How we work

Each and everyone of our highly qualified psychologists are certified to provide psychological therapy. They use evidence-based methods and have training in providing psychology consultation over video and telephone. Research shows that online psychology services can be just as effective as treatment at a physical psychologist's office for minor to moderate mental disorders - such as stress management, anxiety and sleep problems. We focus on being a safe and easy service to use. Lifekeys consultations are therefore done through an end-to-end encrypted web solution, and as a user you only need access to the internet, as well as a PC, tablet or smartphone

The facts

Half of the population will experience periods of mental illness at some point in their lives. Mental illness is one of the leading causes of sickness absence in the workplace. It affects us all, at the societal, the corporate and not least, the individual level. Lifekeys is therefore rooted in a focus on early intervention and lowering the threshold to seek help. We’re all allowed to feel down sometimes - and we’re all allowed to do something about it. Don't let small problems become big problems. At Lifekeys you get flexible appointment times, no commuting and the opportunity to talk to a psychologist regardless of where you are.