Mapping the problem

The mental health of employees is crucial for the organization’s overall productivity and performance. Amongst others, stress and anxiety related problems can cause lack of motivation and lead to procrastination. Lost productivity caused by mental health concerns is costing businesses over 124 billion euros every year in the European region alone. Lifekeys is determined to improve corporations by providing affordable, accessible and high-quality online mental health services.

Employee mental health challenges

Reduced Presence & Higher absence

Productivity losses & Lack of motivation

Financial and environmental losses

Achieve more with Lifekeys

We partner with organizations to overcome this battle and create a healthier work environment for both the employers and the employees. This results in greater work productivity and a healthier environment across the entire organization.

Improved mental health

Higher presence & Lower absence

Higher Productivity & Motivation

Financial and environmental growth

Why Lifekeys is unique


Experienced & licensed psychologists

Consultations over video and telephone

Customizable online courses

Evidence-based techniques

Safe and secure solutions

Our experience

Video consultations are as effective as physical sessions with psychologists and help foster strong personal connections. This is achieved through our psychologists unique ability to ensure effective and meaningful communication between both parties, and to suggest various tips, tools and coping mechanisms to the help seekers.