Mental Health - A Global Challenge

Mental health challenges may result in increased risk of developing physical health problems, and vice versa. The body and mind are interdependent on each other for well-being. As much as 25% of the population is struggling with mental health issues, increasing every year.

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Countries with the highest rates of suicide in the world are in the European Region.
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People suffering from major depression do not receive adequate treatment.
1 M
People a year experience mental disorders in Europe.
1 B
Across EU is the approximate cost for the economic impact of mental health problems.
Source: WHO / OECD

Mental health on the agenda

Lifekeys is spreading awareness about the importance of mental healthcare. While mental illnesses remain stigmatized, Lifekeys envisions lowering the threshold to seek help. A healthy mind is crucial for high performance in career, social and personal life. We help people to reach their highest potential by providing online psychology services by authorized psychologists.