Esther Rittner

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Esther is a qualified psychologist (german diploma) and has been working in counselling since 2010. Her primary expertise is on the self-motivation of the client. Above all, her training in motivational interviewing  (Miller and Rollnick) leads to an atmosphere in which the client feels understood and can improve easily.
She has counselled people of different ages and backgrounds. She has extensive knowledge in the field of psychological normality and human improvement. She is therefore very skilled in clarifying, whether it is already a mental illness or a normal reaction to a stressful situation.

“For me, consulting is more of a passion than a job. Above all, it is a pleasure to see how people can develop and flourish under motivating techniques and methods. "

As a follower of humanistic psychology, she is firmly anchored in client focus. I.e. the client is perceived as the only expert for himself and is in control of every single step. She has a lot of experience in areas such as depression, bipolar disorder, burnout, dealing with chronic physical illnesses and also grief and impending death. Her areas of expertise include social and professional motivation, self-regulation, positive thinking and mindfulness.

“I have the feeling that she understands me and that she "picks me up" where I am.”

- Female Client, 45