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Build a sustainable workplace culture and foster employee engagement.

Empower your people to take charge of their well-being through pulse surveys, self-tests, customised courses, and access to clinical psychologists.

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Understand your teams better

Help your organisation thrive with real-time data. Get anonymous, detailed information that lets you bring out the best in your people.

Improve employee well-being

Empower your teams to tackle stress and build resilience with personalized insights and suggestions - all in one place, available anytime, anywhere.

Build a workplace where people thrive

Create the workplace culture that works for your organisation. Unlock your employees' full potential and develop happier, high-performing teams.

Insights on your people

Pulse survey schedule calendar

Pre-made pulses

Inbuilt pulse surveys help you gather essential feedback and drive people-focused decision making.

Less admin more action

Get access to an included pulse database that features essential questions covering crucial categories in workplace well-being. Empower personalised insights with our 'Indicator' feature — tailor and track specific metrics for a more customised and effective tracking.

Customise your insights

Categorise employees into groups, create your own questions and customise pulses to suit your specific needs.
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Pulse survey schedule calendar

Key metrics at a glance

Employee well-being metrics charts

Measure your workplace health

Get in-depth, anonymised insights on your workplace health, organisational culture and employee work performance.

Compare data over time

Contrast results seamlessly across different teams and timescales, letting you analyse the impact of key decisions.

Track scores for specific questions

View question results through clean, customisable charts that showcase exactly how your employees are feeling.
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Employee well-being metrics charts

Caring for your employees

Recommendation for a employee showing signs of poor sleep

Individualised insights

Give your employees an in-depth look into their own mental health and well-being through inbuilt self-tests.

Courses for employees

Let your people take charge of their own mental health and development through tailored suggestions, courses and self-help exercises.

Access to psychologists

Support your employees by providing fast and confidential access to online consultations with psychologists in their chosen language.
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Recommendation for a employee showing signs of poor sleep

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