Alena Pryanik

Alena Pryanik PhotoSpeaks:
  • Russian


Alena can help you to cope with difficult or new life situations: psychological trauma, ageing, the birth of a child, dealing with childhood and development issues, changing jobs, moving home, a change in family situation, difficulties in building relationships, and more.


In the course of therapy, Alena helps you to:

  • better understand your feelings,
  • make the right decision if necessary,
  • realize your own role in a problem situation and change your attitude to it,
  • harmonize your emotional state.


In her work, Alena uses an integrative approach that combines Jungian psychoanalysis, Gestalt therapy and system family therapy.


Even when the causes of the problem are clear, it is often hard to fix them in real life. I help you to get through difficult moments and move towards a good life