Алиса Прохорова


Alice studied psychology and neuroscience at one of the leading universities in the UK - the University of St Andrews.  She also devoted a lot of time to practical skills in a clinical setting and took a postgraduate training course at Saint-Petersburg’s Bekhterev Medical Research Centre - the leading clinical research institute in Russia, upon completion of which she received the status of a Clinical Psychologist. Her main specialisation was neuropsychology in a neurological clinic, which indicates knowledge of not only psychological theories, but also the neuro-anatomy of the brain and functioning of neural networks.  For her practice as an individual psychologist, Alice regularly attends CBT training seminars and actively works with an experienced supervisor on her therapeutic skills.

Over the past few years, Alice has focused on providing individual psychotherapy. Mostly, she helps her clients to cope with anxiety, procrastination, difficulties in professional and personal development, depression, and unstable emotional states. After observing the needs of her clients, Alice also took an additional executive coaching course at the University of Cambridge in order to provide the most competent and comprehensive assistance possible. 

“For me, working as a psychotherapist is a fascinating journey that we embark on with every client.  We become close-knit partners and together we investigate, look for solutions, learn to react and think in new ways, laugh and reflect, fix goals and achievements on our way.  Having achieved the goals set in our joint work, clients leave with many new skills that will help them later in their lives.”