Covadonga Aguiar

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Covadonga Aguiar studied psychology at University Pontificia de Comillas and she is specialized as a psychotherapist in adult population. She has experience in different private clinics treating anxiety and depression. Furthermore, Covadonga has treatment experience with psychonutrition by offering support to people with binge eating and overweight. The main goal here is to eliminate unhealthy habits and to focus on the relationship with food. A lot of his patients have suffered from work stress, vital dissatisfaction, low – self-esteem and difficulties in interpersonal relationships. She has also studied a Master in Neuropsychology in order to have more in-depth understanding of the human brain. 

Covadonga uses an integrative approach where cognitive behavioral, systemic and humanistic therapy, converge. Regardless the problematic, she believes that everyone has internal strengths and her goal is to help the patients awake them. Covadonga offers in her session a place to feel listened and accompanied. 

“My work is aimed at guiding you in the search for greater well-being in all areas of your life. Together we will establish small goals to achieve what is important to you. I will be happy to accompany you throughout the process and it will be a pleasure to be a part of your personal growth in therapy.”