Jakob Sverre Løvstad

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Jakob is a psychologist educated at the University of Oslo. He is also formerly a software engineer and researcher at NTNU, and has held courses and leadership development programs for several organizations and companies. He has also been the head coach for Norway’s national team in MMA, as well as having a long career in the sport himself. 

Apart from working with digital therapy in Lifekeys, Jakob is also employed working at a clinic for addiction where he focuses on neuropsychological challenges. 

As a therapist Jakob bases his practice on ideas from humanistic and existential psychology. The philosophy behind these traditions is that a lot of our challenges have to do with essential factors of life such as connecting with meaning, handling complex relations, understanding the paradox of life and death, dealing with loneliness, working on self-acceptance, processing echoes from the past – and several other topics that are often disguised behind more superficial categories such as “depression”, “anxiety”, “relational conflicts”, “trauma” and the like. 

In this there is also the implicit intention that most, if not all of us, can have good use of therapy at one or several times over our lifetimes. And psychology as a field is not simply here to “fix problems”, but to help us create lives worth living, where we can expand to greater insight, more nourishing experiences and improved choices in life. 


"My ambition in therapy is to facilitate a process characterized by openness, authenticity and a fundamentally optimistic view of what we can create in terms of psychological healing and growth in our lives. It is about having an interaction where we can be ourselves and find ways to overcome life’s challenges in a way that feels right for you. 

I wish to welcome you to a space where we can become better together, and where the deeply human aspect of our existence takes center stage.: