Jessa Rojas

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Jessa Mae started her career as a Guidance Associate in the academic field for almost 4 years. She has guided students from high school to college regarding career development, academic achievement, social behavior, mental and physical health.

With her inner desire to pursue a higher degree, she decided to pursue her Master’s Degree in Psychology major in Industrial Psychology at San Pedro College, Davao City.In 2015, she decided to take the licensure exam for Psychometrician and successfully passed the board exam.

When she graduated with her master’s degree in the year 2017, she decided to shift her career and pursue her inner desire to work in the corporate world. She worked as Human Resources Officer in the Construction and Consumer Electronics Industry for almost three years. She has an array of skills in accurate employee job performance assessment, consultative relationship building, training, coaching, and employee engagements.  

In addition, she is also actively involved with voluntary organisations as a tutor to poor, abandoned, abused, and neglected out-of-school children as well as helping the sons and daughters of persons deprived of liberty (PDL).
Passing the Licensure Examination for Psychologist in October 2019, Jessa is currently working as Psychologist handling cases of clients with issues like depression, anxiety, career-related concerns of working individuals and other mental health conditions.

People don’t always need a solution to their problem, what they need is someone who will understand what they’re going through.