Kimberly Kaye Mata


Kimberly Kaye C. Mata, or Kaye, is a Master of Science in Psychology (major in Clinical Psychology) graduate of De La Salle University-Manila. She is a registered psychologist and psychometrician. Kaye offers evidence-based therapy in anxiety, mood disorders, and personality disorders. Furthermore, she has received training from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Trauma-Informed Therapy practitioners. She was also a trained recovery ally by the Drug Advisory Programme (DAP) and is currently pursuing more training on substance use prevention and recovery from the same agency. As a psychologist, Kaye would use elements of CBT, trauma-informed therapy, and mindfulness-based practice. 

She is also active in research and is currently working for the Social Development Research Center of DLSU. Prior to becoming a counselor, Kaye had a previous career in a nongovernment organization, human resources, and project management.  As for training and facilitation, she is most knowledgeable on topics involving resiliency, coping and stress management, wellness, and self-care. 

Kaye is committed to promoting mental health and wellbeing among local communities and removing the stigma associated with mental health issues. She also advocates for the children and the youth. Kaye’s vision is to make mental health services more available and accessible to the Filipino communities. Outside her clinical practice, she is studying Mandarin and taking an online course on human behavioral genetics.