Krista Lemberga

Krista Lemberga PhotoSpeaks:
  • Latvian


Krista Lemberga is a clinical psychologist working with people who are dealing with psychological difficulties that they lack the support, knowledge, or skills to solve. 

The objective of her work is that a client feels that he can manage his own life by recognizing his resources – the ones within himself and in the environment he is surrounded by. That happens as she lets her clients feel and show their emotions freely, helping them to see where there is a need for change, planning how the change could be implemented, and being there for the client when it is taking place. 

As cliche as it may sound there are no two people who are the same. Even every person with depression is different from another person with depression. That is why the collaboration with a client is formed when I, with my knowledge of the processes of the human psyche, behavior, and brain functioning meet with the client. They are the only person who has the knowledge of their life, experiences, and emotions. 

Krista helps clients to gain a clearer understanding of the difficulties they are experiencing and their possible origins. Together, they explore ways to move past these difficulties and accomplish the purposes of the counseling process. For her clients, she provides undivided attention, support, acceptance, respect, honesty, and a safe space to express emotions.