Kristel Magluyan-Balais

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Kristel Magluyan-Balais is a licensed psychologist in the Philippines who has been practicing for 10 years already. She completed her master’s degree in the Philippines and is a certified clinical trauma specialist. Kristel specializes in providing trauma informed therapy to people with PTSD, complex/developmental trauma, and attachment issues. She is also equipped in providing care for clients who have depression, anxiety, unresolved grief, and psychosomatic concerns. 

When in sessions, she puts a premium on building good relationships with her clients by establishing safety and maintaining attunement. Staying true to the principles of trauma-informed therapy, she prioritizes establishing stabilization skills by equipping her clients with self-regulation techniques to improve their overall coping. Kristel believes that self-regulation is at the heart of people's ability to be more intentional with how they want to live their lives. Aside from these, she incorporates somatic approaches and places emphasis on body awareness as a powerful tool and intervention. She also recognizes the importance of cognitive techniques in reframing clients’ perspectives about themselves, their relationships, and their situations.  

“I believe in the capacity of every human being to survive the different challenges they face, and to be part of one’s journey towards empowerment and improvement will always be a privilege for me. In therapy, the client and I are allies that work together towards the goals they want to achieve. It is crucial for me to assist them to recognize their own resources, respect their resilience, and teach them new skills so they could take one further step to what they want to move or change in their lives. To ensure the quality of care I provide, I only use evidence-based approaches and I work closely with my clients by receiving their feedback in every session.”