Nikita Yerin

Nikita Yerin PhotoSpeaks:
  • Russian


Nikita is an experienced crisis and corporate psychologist, trainer, lecturer, and coach. He is capable of working with multiple different approaches. These include transactional analysis where we consider how your thoughts, feelings and behavior are related to your current situation. It also examines how and why your relationships with others and yourself are arranged before we agree on what changes you want to make and find the right path for this.

It also includes EMDR where we work with negative, traumatic events that have left a mark on your memory and affect your life now. Here we reduce sensitivity to past events and make experiences less intense. 

Additionally, he uses the methods of cognitive-behavioral therapy and gestalt therapy. Nikita is well versed in dealing with:

  • Emotional states (anxiety, fear, anger, depression, general decreased or increased emotional arousal, instability)
  • Problems with thinking (obsessive thoughts, decreased ability to reflect and make decisions)
  • Relationship issues (partnership, family, labor, friendship)
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem (problems in defending boundaries, self-criticism)
  • Self-determination, goal-setting (problems of choice, strategy, crisis)
  • Grief, shock, traumatic situations
  • Questions regarding sexual orientation and bodily sensations