Valentina Giardino

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Valentina Giardino is a clinical psychologist living in Italy. She graduated at the University of “La Sapienza” in Rome and was awarded her psychologist licence there and then became a member of the Order of Psychologists in the Emilia-Romagna Region where she currently resides.

In her profession, Valentina has had the opportunity to address different areas of psychology, starting from her University internship in a correctional facility. It was this experience that enabled her to gain valuable expertise and competences within a penitentiary institution and was part of a multi-disciplinary team that enhanced and motivated her potential as a psychologist in adapting her therapeutic skills to the individual. Valentina also worked as a clinical psychologist at the University of Bologna, Italy and was responsible for the psychological support services for the students with whom she earned an effective professional relationship yielding positive outcomes and a genuine therapeutic alliance.

In her experience Valentina has been able to address numerous cases which go from personality disorders to anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders considering trauma as a fundamental aspect of our everyday life, ever-evolving, requiring constant study and dedication towards a favourable health perspective. Valentina strongly believes in empathy and patient-centred therapeutics, building together a treatment plan towards a steadfast equilibrium where each and everyone’s story is a new story to unravel.