Victor Blinov

Victor Blinov PhotoSpeaks:
  • Ukrainian


Victor has been a practising psychologist for 13 years and specializes in child psychology, psychological counselling and psychosocial support. Victor has experience working in both governmental and non-governmental organizations, specializing in working with various categories of clients, including international humanitarian organizations that provide support to populations affected by armed conflict. In addition to individual psychological counselling, Victor also has experience in conducting support groups, training and prevention sessions to overcome stress and prevent burnout. "When a person gets to know himself better, he begins to respect himself more and take care of himself, which makes him more resilient to all kinds of life difficulties and challenges."

Victor combines cognitive behavioural therapy with a psychodynamic approach in his work with clients who have experienced psychological trauma, loss or other difficult situations or conditions that cause feelings of uncertainty, depression, despair. "Any difficult situation or condition can pose a threat to mental health, but they also carry the potential for personal development, and you need to live it so that this potential can be realized." Victor helps clients get through such periods and not only understand better themselves and their own experiences but also see the individual meaning in such situations.

Other issues you can address to Victor:

  • Self-confidence
  • Chronic stress
  • Relationship problems
  • Anxiety and depression