Vincent Thomas Evangelista

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Vincent Thomas has years of experience as a clinical psychologist in his private practice. Vincent is certified in anxiety, trauma, grief and telemental Health treatment. He has been focused on helping individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, grief trauma and existential crises.  

As a psychologist Vincent has an Existential Humanistic Psychotherapy orientation, which he often integrates with some mindfulness, focusing and person-centered elements. Vincent believes that suffering need not be debilitating but can be opportunities for growth and strength if one is willing to be with the experience and work through the discomfort. He agrees with Frankl that life has meaning under all circumstances.

“Meaning does not necessarily make life significantly better. Nor does it make it easier, life may get worse, but you then realize that you are tougher than you give yourself credit for. Meaning allows you to endure unimaginable suffering and come out stronger and braver than who you used to be.”