Юлия Бурая

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  • Ukrainian


Yuliia Bura is diplomaed and certified psychologist, with over five years of experience as a psychologist in the army and in private practice working with children, youth, and adults. Yuliia is a researcher at the leading university in the country and an author of a number of scientific works  in neuropsychological, psychological and social research. She offers cognitive behavioral therapy with elements of acceptance therapy. Yuliia cooperates with clients to achieve understanding what exactly needs and can be changed in order to resolve internal conflicts, to feel better and to establish communication with the outside world.

Yuliia has experience in treating work stress, concentration difficulties, interpersonal relationships (including children-parents relationships, couples’ relationships, family relationships), sexuality and gender issues, problems of self-identification, age crises, loneliness, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

“I believe that there are no difficulties in life where it would be impossible to help a person. If we cannot change the situation, then I will help you change your attitude towards it. Most of the improvements come to people with a change in their perception of circumstances, acceptance of themselves and the world around them. I am glad to be on your side and make this side better.”